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Impact of Gender Equality- Better Productivity & Motivation: Deloitte's Findings


A recent survey performed by Deloitte’s ‘Women at Work’ project provided interesting insights regarding the impact of gender equality initiatives within firms. The survey included the opinions of 5,000 women from 10 countries like India and found a strong link between workplace gender equality and important aspects including loyalty, productivity, motivation, and mental well-being among women professionals.

According to the survey results, women employed in firms identified as Gender Equality Leaders (GELs) displayed much higher levels of loyalty, productivity, and motivation than those in organizations classified as “laggards” in terms of gender equality. On a scale of 100, women in GELs rated 76 for loyalty, 75 for productivity, and 71 for drive and a sense of belonging.

Key takeaways from the survey include

  • Loyalty and Productivity: Women in GELs exhibited three times higher loyalty, productivity, and motivation levels compared to those in organizations with poor gender equality practices.
  • Mental Well-being: The transition to full-time work posed challenges for many women professionals, with 31% reporting a negative impact on their mental well-being. However, those in hybrid work setups experienced better outcomes.
  • Career Prospects and Confidence: Women in GELs expressed greater optimism about their career prospects and were more confident that their gender was not a hindrance within their organizations.
  • Recommendations and Satisfaction: GEL employees were more likely to recommend their organizations to other women and reported higher satisfaction with mental health support and openness in discussing mental health at work.

The survey also noted that in India, women often bear the primary responsibility for childcare and adult caregiving, even in cases where they are the primary breadwinners. While there’s a higher reliance on paid help for caregiving in India compared to global trends, there’s room for improvement in fostering inclusive practices and engaging male professionals as better allies both at work and at home.

Saraswathi Kasturirangan, Chief Happiness Officer at Deloitte India, emphasized the importance of translating gender equality policies into actionable strategies to nurture a diverse and supportive workplace. She suggested enhancing daycare provisions and providing facilities like nanny reimbursement to align with the needs of working parents, especially women.

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