The Aartery Chronicles - Team TAC & The Author's Society

Embark on an exciting literary journey with ‘The Aartery Chronicles’ crafted by the imaginative minds of Team TAC and The Author’s Society. This collaborative work promises a thrilling exploration of creativity and imagination.. Our team of dedicated experts, writers, and thought leaders are passionate about delivering insights and knowledge in the field of healthcare and other associated domains. Each author featured here brings a unique perspective and expertise to the world of Writing.

Team The Aartery Chronicles (TAC)

Dr Areez N Khoja


Medical Reviewer

Dr Darshit J. Patel

MD General Medicine, Dip. Painting

Medical Reviewer & Creative Copywriter

The Author's Society - TAC

Dr Malhar Mone​

MBBS, MD Pharmacology

Medical Writer and Reviewer

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Sanika Sanjay Pande

B.Tech [Biotechnology]

Scientific Writer

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Rupal Sonpal

Ms Rupal Sonpal

Senior Legal Document Specialist


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Dr. Amey Patil


Medical Writer

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Dr Toka Gamal

MD General Medicine (MBBS), Zambia

Medical Writer

Mihika Pramod Lokhande

Student - MD General Medicine (MBBS)

Guest Writer

Dr Phalguni Wadhwa

MD General Medicine (MBBS)

Guest Writer

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