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traditional medicine
traditional medicine

Ayush on the Global Stage: India's Strategic Vision for Traditional Medicine

Explore India’s commitment to global wellness at International Arogya 2024. Ministers discuss strides in traditional medicine, healthcare, and technology integration.

India’s Minister for AYUSH, Sarbananda Sonowal, affirmed the nation’s commitment to globally promoting its rich heritage of traditional medicine with a systematic and scientific approach. At the inauguration of the ‘International Arogya 2024,’ the third International Exhibition and Conference on the Ayush and Wellness sector, Sonowal outlined India’s strategy to first cultivate interest in traditional medicine domestically and then project it onto the global stage.

Minister Sonowal underscored India’s pioneering role in establishing the distinctiveness of traditional medicine among over 170 countries practicing similar systems. The event, jointly organized by the Union ministries of Ayush and commerce and industry, aimed to chart a substantial course of action for the future of the health and wellness sector.

Minister of State, Munjapara Mahendrabhai, emphasized the transformative initiatives undertaken by the Ayush ministry in the past decade to reshape India’s traditional medicine landscape. He highlighted the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with 24 countries for collaborative work on traditional medicines and homoeopathy, the establishment of Ayush information cells in 34 countries, and the introduction of 22 key digital initiatives. Mahendrabhai also stressed India’s dedication to technology integration with the implementation of a grid regional healthcare system.

Mahendrabhai highlighted the resulting growth in manufacturing, exports, and the flourishing of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and startups. He stressed the vital importance of Ayush in bolstering global health, emphasizing India’s steadfast dedication to the health and wellness field.

Dayashanker Mishra, the Minister for Ayush, Food Security, and Drug Administration in Uttar Pradesh, detailed the state’s efforts to improve healthcare facilities, including the establishment of hospitals, ongoing construction projects, and plans for an Ayush university in Gorakhpur.

Mishra also highlighted operational government medical colleges and the development of private medical colleges, pharmacy, and nursing colleges to provide accessible healthcare services.


The inaugural event witnessed the unveiling of reports such as IndieExport (Compliance Roadmap for T&CM Exports) and Ayush Works (A Compendium of Scientific Evidence) Volume I. Various sector-specific discussions and public awareness activities were held, furthering the dialogue on promoting traditional medicine and wellness practices.

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