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Fighting Cancer on a Budget: The Tata Institute's ₹100 Miracle Tablet

Researchers and doctors at the Tata Memorial Institute have successfully developed a tablet named ‘R+Cu’ designed to prevent cancer recurrence.

In a groundbreaking announcement, the Tata Institute in Mumbai has revealed a revolutionary advancement in cancer treatment after a decade of intensive research. Researchers and doctors at the institute have successfully developed a tablet named ‘R+Cu’ designed to prevent cancer recurrence and slash the side effects of conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy by an impressive 50%.

The key components of the tablet include pro-oxidant tablets containing resveratrol and copper. These elements work in tandem to generate oxygen radicals within the stomach. The radicals are pivotal in destroying chromatin particles released by dying cancer cells, effectively preventing healthy cells from succumbing to malignancy. Furthermore, this process inhibits the migration of cancer cells throughout the body, a phenomenon commonly known as ‘Metastases.’

While initial studies on rats have given encouraging results in terms of minimizing side effects and avoiding cancer recurrence, the pill is awaiting the completion of human trials, which are expected to take around five years. Approval from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is also awaiting, with the pill expected to be accessible on the market in June-July.

The affordability of the ‘R+Cu’ tablet stands out as a notable aspect of this breakthrough. In stark contrast to the substantial costs associated with traditional cancer treatments ranging from lakhs to crores, this tablet is anticipated to be accessible to a wider population at an affordable price of ₹100.

Dr. Rajendra Badve, a famous cancer surgeon at Tata Memorial Hospital, expressed excitement about the potential impact of the tablet, saying, “Tata doctors were devoted to the formation of this tablet for almost a decade. Pending approval from FSSAI, this tablet will be a game-changer in cancer treatment, enhancing accessibility and affordability.”

In addition to its potential to prevent cancer recurrence, the ‘R+Cu’ tablet has shown promise in significantly reducing side effects associated with treatments. Researchers believe it could be particularly effective in treating pancreatic, lung, and oral cancers.

This finding represents a significant advance in cancer treatment, giving patients fresh hope and perhaps altering the approach to oncology. The combination of affordability and effectiveness positions the ‘R+Cu’ tablet as a potential game-changer in cancer treatment.

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