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work life balance
work life balance

Balancing Act: Juggling Work, Life And Health With Finesse

We have all seen the juggling act, where the juggler effortlessly juggles a few balls without dropping a single one of them. Well, we are akin to these jugglers, as we strive to balance our time towards our responsibilities at work, home and our wellness.

We live in a progressive age, where, in most cases, both husband and wife work to provide for their family. The family dynamics have changed tremendously. The joint family culture is diminishing and the focus is on nuclear families. Therefore it becomes imperative to strike the right balance as we navigate through life.

There are some pointers as to how to try and balance our lives healthily without much stress:

1. Time Management

Effective time management is crucial for both adults and children in today’s fast-paced world. Planning and prioritizing our day allows us to achieve our goals without unnecessary stress. It’s essential to recognize that each day is unique; some days, we may focus on curricular activities, while on others, we may dedicate ourselves to work. The key here is to find your comfort level that makes you sail through your responsibilities smoothly.

2. Task Mastery

Whether tackling a work report, doing laundry, or strolling in the park with your baby, focus entirely on the task at hand. Double-check your report to reduce errors, use an adequate amount of liquid soap for laundry, and actively engage with your baby during the park stroll. Approach each task with diligence and remain adaptable to handle unforeseen circumstances.

3. Nurture Relationships - Cherish Bonds

Nurturing relationships is a vital aspect of life. Take time to connect with family and friends, keeping track of special occasions to send thoughtful wishes. A simple phone call or message can mean the world. Consider surprising colleagues with a bouquet for significant milestones. Send a bouquet or a gift to a colleague who is getting married or someone who got a well-deserved promotion. Such small gestures on your part mean a lot to the concerned persons.

Plan special outings with your parents—dinner, movies, or long drives—to show your genuine care. As Gaur Gopal Das says,” Don’t say spend my time, rather say Invest my time in relationships”. Express your feelings and let others know they truly matter.

nurture relationships

4. Wellness Harmony: Prioritize Your Health with Holistic Living

Prioritize your wellness with a holistic approach. Adopt healthy eating habits, stay hydrated, engage in regular exercise and practice mindfulness. Express gratitude through journaling, and ensure regular health check-ups. Invest in sufficient sleep and consider a variety of activities like long walks, Zumba classes, gym sessions, Yoga, or meditation. Indulge in hobbies like reading, music, dance, or art. 

Unwind after a hectic day with nature walks, coffee dates, or spa visits. Go out with friends, visit relatives, go on vacations, meet up with old friends, and make new friends. These activities collectively contribute to both mental and physical well-being.

5. Combat Stress: Strategies for Calm and Clarity

Say No to stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Remember that stress will only aggravate the situation, cloud your mind and keep you wandering in circles. Take a couple of deep breaths, calm down and re-think a better solution to the problem at hand. Write down the pros and cons and then reach a conclusion. If required, walk around a bit, drink some water, have tea/coffee, close your eyes for a bit, stretch those muscles, sit quietly for a while without thinking at all, or talk it out with someone, and voila! the solution will appear. Keep stress at bay!

6. Empower Through Action: Volunteer for a Better Society

Volunteer at institutions that advocate causes close to your heart. Contribute to charity, assist those in need, and participate in impactful events like walkathons or rallies Donate your time and resources to support fundraisers and organize community activities. Babysit for your neighbor, take your children and your neighbors’ children for an evening out.  


Volunteer to organize flea markets, organize a get-together, organize festival celebrations in your locality, volunteer at old age homes or child shelters, orphanages and pet care NGOs, take some gifts for the children in the labor camp near your home. Make a positive impact on society by engaging in meaningful acts of kindness.

7. Efficient Work Management: Tips for Productivity and Balance

Make a list of the work on hand and begin by finishing the easier bits thereby giving you time to focus on the bigger picture. Utilize effective communication, brainstorming, and teamwork to manage workload. Delegate responsibilities, take short breaks, and stay competitive. Endeavor to complete tasks within the workday, ensuring a stress-free return home. By sorting work efficiently, you can fully enjoy your family time without the burden of pending deadlines or meetings.

8. Efficient Home Management

Managing household chores in a nuclear family, with working parents is tough. The child needs to be cared for by a Nanny or sent to a day-care creche. Of course with smart technology, there are appliances for just about anything. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, OTG, hand blenders, robot clean who mops and cleans the floor, remote-driven fans and lights, air conditioners, automatic lights, automatic hot water geysers, are some examples of gadgets that make housekeeping a tad easier.

But no robot will drop and collect your child from school! You have to organize your chores to be there on time. Parents have to invest their time in the upbringing of their children. Appoint house help to help with the daily chores so that you have the time to devote to your child’s needs and welfare.

The Toll of Work-Home-Wellness Imbalance and the Need for Self-Care

A lack of proper balance between work-home-wellness may lead to burnout. The stress will magnify leading to the inability to cope. Tempers will be frayed, there will be disagreements, leading to suffering relationships. The feeling of unworthiness will give rise to heart problems, palpitations, anxiety/panic attacks, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, obesity, swelling, unhealthy food habits will lead to acidity, constipation, nausea, migraines, the feeling of low self-esteem will lead to loss of concentration and focus, eventually leading to life-long diseases that require medication or therapy.

Strategies for a Fulfilling Life Amid Challenges

Therefore it is essential to find our individual solutions for maintaining this balance. Life does not come with a manual so navigation becomes simpler. We have to face all the challenges that knock our doors to the best of our abilities. We need to be level-headed at all times which can help us in this balancing act. Work, manage home and family, but at the same time, look after your own wellness too. Accept the fact that you are working (whether at the office or home) for your family so your health is equally important as theirs.

Supermoms' Struggle: Advocating for Self-Care and Wellness

A very good example is of Mothers: they are up at the crack of dawn, completing their household chores, and preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the family, if they are working mothers- then they go to the office, and then return from work – picking up some fresh vegetables on the way, help their child with homework, feed the child, put the child to sleep, plan out the next day’s menu, have dinner with the family, complete the remaining household chores and sleep – to wake up at the crack of dawn the next day. And so on. We need to explain to them, that, they too need to rest and catch their breath, so that they do not fall ill. Sometimes I wonder how they manage everything so easily! They are supermoms. These women need to be taught to indulge in self-care and self- compassion and that it’s perfectly alright to look after their own wellness.


As you navigate through your responsibilities, find a comfort level that works for you. Strive to minimize stress, acknowledging that mistakes are a part of the journey. Embrace self-love and take bold steps towards your goals. Remember, it’s okay not to have everything figured out. So, love yourself, be kind, and just go for it! Your journey is uniquely yours, and every step you take is astep forward.

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