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Tragic incident in Uttar Pradesh as a newlywed woman’s death sparks investigations. Allegations of cruelty arise, demanding justice for the grieving family.

In a tragic incident in Hamirpur District, Uttar Pradesh, a newlywed woman lost her life on the fifth day of her marriage, leading to allegations of cruelty against her husband. The incident occurred in the PWD Colony of Hamirpur district after the marriage of Nitil Omresob Sagun on February 3, 2024.

Following a joyous farewell from the bride’s family, complete with dowry, the newlyweds’ first night took a devastating turn. Reports suggest that the husband had taken energy-enhancing pills before engaging in sexual activity, leading to a decline in the woman’s health. Subsequently, the father-in-law provided misleading information about her condition, leading to her hospitalization in Kanpur.

Despite medical efforts, the woman passed away during treatment, prompting a post-mortem examination that revealed disturbing details. Prior to her demise, the deceased woman had reportedly confided in her sister-in-law, leading to calls for justice from the grieving family.

The examining doctor was visibly taken aback upon evaluating her condition. According to the sister-in-law, their family had initially traveled to Kanpur for a wedding but hurriedly made their way to Urai upon receiving distressing news about her health. After being admitted to a private hospital and later transferred to Kanpur, medical professionals were astonished by her condition. The examination revealed signs indicative of sexual assault, leaving the doctors deeply concerned about the circumstances surrounding the case. As the investigation unfolds, there is a growing urgency to address the distressing situation and seek justice for the affected family.

Source: Inputs from various media Sources

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