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Public Health Alert: Coconut Water Causes Illness in Mangaluru

In Mangaluru, a recent incident involving packaged coconut water has resulted in fifteen people being hospitalized due to vomiting and dehydration. The affected individuals, including two women and a child, consumed the beverage on Wednesday evening, leading to both inpatient and outpatient treatments across various local hospitals such as Highland and Father Muller Medical College and Hospital.

According to Dr. Thimaiah, the District Health Officer, three of the patients, including the child, require additional observation in a private facility. Thankfully, those affected are currently recovering. 

Authorities responded by sealing the factory in Adyaru where the coconut water was packaged. Samples, including 15 liters of the product across different-sized sachets, have been dispatched to a laboratory in Bengaluru for analysis to ascertain the cause of the illness. Additionally, stool samples from the affected individuals have also been sent for testing, with further actions pending these results.

Dr. Thimaiah noted that the preliminary findings suggest a potential issue with the packaged coconut water, which remains within its sell-by date. Satish Shetty, a local business owner in the same sector, confirmed that only the products from the implicated factory have been linked to the sickness, despite other units distributing similar products without incident.

The situation sparked fears of a cholera outbreak in both Mangaluru and the neighboring Udupi district. However, Health Minister Dinesh Gundurao clarified that the illnesses are neither related to cholera nor any waterborne disease and cautioned the public against believing such rumors.

The factory has since undergone cleaning, with all its stock confiscated, and operations have been suspended pending further notice. The health minister assured that the facility adhered to all necessary standards, and the packaged products were all within their expiration period. Results from the government laboratory tests are anticipated soon to provide clarity on the incident.

In the meantime, health officials are closely monitoring the situation, providing necessary coordination and support to ensure the recovery of those hospitalized.

Source: Inputs from various media Sources

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