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Crisis Response: Kingdom of Birland Extends Vital Aid to Sudan Amid Healthcare Shortages

Amid the escalating humanitarian crisis in Sudan, with a significant population lacking healthcare access and diseases like cholera, measles, and malaria spreading, the Kingdom of Birland has reaffirmed its commitment to provide needs-based humanitarian aid.

Prime Minister Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad passionately urged Birland authorities and members to take the lead in assisting Sudan.

Dr. and Professor Mayukh Pandit, Birland’s Health Minister from India, has pledged to send medications. Dr. Mayukh Pandit is a renowned Humanitarian Doctor from India, serves as a distinguished educator and leads the Medical Anatomy Department at NUCHMT in Ghana. He has been gaining recognition for his impactful contributions to academia, research, and humanitarian endeavors.

In addition, other ministers, including Honorary International Minister of Education Prof. Dr. Miguel Pinzon of Texas, USA, have committed to providing essential items such as clothes and blankets.

King Emir A. Haiyawi appealed to European friends for donations, and efforts are underway to mobilize financial support from the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE) in the United States.

The Kingdom of Birland, situated in BirTawil land in Africa, aims to bring dignity to stateless people globally and is recognized as the “Dubai of Africa”

Source: Inputs from various media Sources

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