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AI-Generated Health Videos: Diabetologist Alerts Public

Diabetologist Dr. V Mohan warns against AI-generated health misinformation on social media. Join the fight for accurate medical information. #HealthAlert

Renowned diabetologist Dr. V Mohan has raised concerns about the proliferation of fake health information through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in social media videos. A video resembling Dr. Mohan, guaranteeing a diabetes cure within 48 hours, surfaced on the Facebook pages of the Indian Medical Association of Tirunelveli, garnering widespread attention.

Dr. Mohan, who reported the video to Tamil Nadu police’s cyber security cell in November 2023, expressed dismay that the misleading content has resurfaced. The video combines authentic footage of Dr. Mohan with an altered voice, likely generated using AI. Despite Dr. Mohan’s efforts to debunk the video as fake, individuals, including his patients, continue to inquire about the purported miracle drug.

Speaking on the issue, Dr. Mohan emphasized that diabetes remission is achievable through conventional methods involving medications, dietary adjustments, and regular exercise. The rise of such deceptive videos featuring individuals in medical attire, often AI-generated, touting unconventional remedies like chia seeds for blood sugar reduction or magical pills for weight loss, has become a growing concern for doctors’ associations.

These misleading videos, facilitated by user-friendly AI tools, pose a serious public health risk. Dr. KM Abdul Hasan, President of IMA-TN, highlighted the accessibility of speech-cloning tools capable of replicating voices swiftly. In response to this alarming trend, the Indian Medical Association plans to petition the government for stringent measures while also prioritizing awareness campaigns among doctors and patients. A meeting addressing this issue is scheduled to be held in Chennai soon.

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