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From Compassion to Cure: Dr. Mayukh Pandit's Journey of Healing and Humanity

Dr. Mayukh Pandit stands as a beacon of compassion and expertise in the realms of medicine, academia, and humanitarianism. As an esteemed Indian Humanitarian Doctor, distinguished Lecturer, and Head of the Department of Medical Anatomy at NUCHMT in Ghana, he has dedicated his career to advancing medical knowledge and uplifting communities, particularly in Africa.

Dr. Pandit’s illustrious journey is marked by a string of remarkable achievements, including being recognized as a Board Certified Researcher in Anatomy and a Celebrated Medical Author, with over 25 International and National Publications to his name. His commitment to excellence led to prestigious appointments such as Editor in Chief of an International Journal and Peer-Reviewer for 45 esteemed Journals, earning him accolades like the Best Editor Award from the Indian Journal of Neuroscience.

Renowned as Asia’s Best Researcher in Human Anatomy and India’s Most Eminent Researcher by the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Pandit’s contributions transcend borders, exemplifying his dedication to humanitarian causes. His instrumental voluntary work in Africa, notably in the accreditation of Nyarkotey University as the continent’s first holistic medical university, underscores his commitment to nurturing positive change.

In February 2023, Dr. Pandit assumed the role of Minister of Health in Birland, further solidifying his status as a transformative leader dedicated to advancing healthcare and humanitarianism.

In an exclusive chapter of “Pulse Conversation” on The Artery Chronicles with Priya and Dr. Aarti, Dr. Mayukh Pandit opens up about his extraordinary journey and visionary pursuits in the realms of medicine, research, and humanitarianism.

Dr. Aarti: Welcome to The Artery Chronicles! Dr. Pandit, your credentials are very impressive and diverse. Could you take us through your journey and shed light on what inspired you to embark on a career encompassing medicine, research, and humanitarian service?


Dr. Mayukh Pandit: My journey begins with poignant childhood experiences that left an indelible mark on my path. Witnessing the suffering of my grandparents due to quadriplegia, and the limited treatment options available at the time, ignited a passion within me to pursue a career dedicated to healthcare research and humanitarian service. This drove me to delve into the fields of medicine and research, with a firm resolve to contribute towards improving healthcare outcomes and alleviating human suffering.

Dr. Aarti: That’s truly inspiring, Dr. Pandit. Could you tell us more about your transition into the field of medicine and your pursuit of research?

Shifting Career Aspirations towards Medicine

Despite initially considering a path in physics and aerospace engineering, Dr. Pandit’s trajectory shifted when he recognized the urgent need for advancements in medical research, particularly in underserved areas. His journey led him to the field of dentistry, where he embarked on a quest to understand and address neurovascular compression syndrome, a condition he witnessed causing immense suffering, especially in patients like those afflicted with trigeminal neuralgia.

Dentistry and Pursuit of Research

Driven by a deep-seated desire to alleviate pain and improve lives, Dr. Pandit immersed himself in rigorous research, facing numerous challenges along the way. Despite the discouragement he encountered within Indian academia towards research pursuits, he persisted, fueled by a profound commitment to effecting meaningful change.

So, you see, the thing about Trigeminal Neuralgia is that it's often deemed incurable. Sure, there are treatments like anticonvulsants or surgeries like Microvascular decompression, but they come with their own set of challenges. While they might offer relief for a while, they're not foolproof. Surgeries, for instance, might provide respite for about 10 to 15 years, but then the pain could come back. And let me tell you, this pain, it's excruciating. It's like nothing else, ten times worse than labor pain. It's no wonder they call it one of the most agonizing disorders in the world. But you know what intrigued me? Despite the challenges, despite the pain, there wasn't much research in this area. So, I decided to dive right in. I made it my mission to understand this disease inside out, and to explore every possible avenue for relief. And that's how I found my calling in dentistry, learning and adapting every step of the way.

Priya:  Your dedication to research is commendable, Dr. Pandit Sir. How did your journey unfold from there?

Dr. Mayukh Pandit: In my journey through medical research, I’ve delved deep into the complexities of neurovascular compression syndrome. Trigeminal neuralgia, often called “the suicide disease,” highlights the deep connection between physical and mental health. Through thorough research and publishing, I explore this complex ailment, striving to find a cure. My work uncovers the roots of trigeminal neuralgia and pushes towards better treatments. With each paper I publish, I move closer to bringing relief to those who suffer from this affliction.


Through rigorous research and countless challenges, I developed a hypothesis for a potential cure for trigeminal neuralgia, garnering recognition and accolades both nationally and internationally. However, for me, the true measure of success lies in the tangible impact of my work on the lives of those in need.

Humanitarian Calling: Impact of Ghanaian Experience

Dr. Pandit’s journey took an impactful turn when he extended his reach beyond borders to Ghana, where he encountered a profoundly moving story that further fueled his humanitarian spirit.

Inspiring Story of a Young Ghanaian Student

A young Ghanaian student’s unwavering dedication to education, despite facing unimaginable hardships, deeply resonated with him. Her perseverance amidst poverty, hunger, and lack of basic necessities served as a stark reminder of the inequalities that exist in the world.

So, when I started teaching over in Ghana, let me tell you, it was a real eye-opener. There was this one time when a student waited for hours just to ask me one question about anatomy. Can you believe it? And get this, it was way past midnight over there, and Ghana ain't the safest place after dark, you know? But this student, along with many others, they're dealing with some serious challenges. They don't have all the luxuries we take for granted. No fancy smartphones, just Wi-Fi from the university. And they're surviving on one meal a day, sometimes just fruits or biscuits. Yet, they're all determined to become doctors and give back to their community. It really puts things into perspective.

Commitment to Service: Initiatives in Ghana and Beyond

Dedication to Teaching and Medical Assistance

Motivated by the resilience of the Ghanaian people and inspired by their determination to uplift themselves through education, Dr. Pandit committed himself to supporting and empowering these communities. He dedicated his time and expertise to teaching and providing medical assistance, striving to improve healthcare access for those in need.

Extending Reach to Birland: Establishing Healthcare Infrastructure

Dr. Pandit’s humanitarian endeavors extended to Birland, an unrecognized territory where he played a pivotal role in establishing healthcare infrastructure and providing essential services to marginalized populations. Through his leadership and unwavering dedication, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals, embodying the true essence of compassion and service.

Legacy of Compassion and Service

Dr. Mayukh Pandit’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience, determination, and compassion in effecting positive change in the world, one life at a time.

Priya: Sir, we express our profound gratitude for graciously sharing your remarkable journey with The Artery Chronicles. Your willingness to spare time for us is truly appreciated.

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