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A Medical student from BJ Medical College succumbs to stress?

A medical student from BJ Medical College in Ahmedabad hangs himself just four days before the upcoming exam.

Academic stress and student suicide cases are the most grave and worrisome aspects in educational settings. High expectations, fear of failure, time restrictions, and a competitive environment are some of the key contributors to exam anxiety.

Academic stress further causes burnout, and social isolation and damages physical as well as mental health. A similar case from the BJ Medical College in Ahmedabad has surfaced recently.

The unfortunate incident on Monday involved the tragic loss of a 21-year-old medical student, Dhruv Ghadia, from BJ Medical College in Ahmedabad, who took his own life. The underlying factors contributing to this devastating event are supposed to be associated with academic stress and difficulties comprehending medical terminology in a language he was not proficient in.

Dr Hansa Goswami, the dean of BJ Medical College, acknowledged that Ghadia had a history of severe stress and psychiatric issues. He was found deceased in his hostel room on the Civil Hospital campus in Asarwa, having previously attempted suicide twice.

His challenges were evident to his mother, friends in the hostel, and the authorities at the college.

Before the unfolding of the tragic event, Ghadia communicated his wish to hand over his body to his mother. The incident occurred four days before his university exams, following a late-night study session with friends. Despite reaching out to a friend for help via a message, it went unnoticed as the friend was asleep. Ghadia had been grappling with depression and had sought assistance from a psychiatrist at the college.

The incident is under investigation, with Inspector Y J Rathod of Meghaninagar police providing insights into the ongoing inquiry. This deeply sorrowful event serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges that students, particularly those in medical school, may encounter, emphasizing the critical need for mental health support.

The Aartery Chronicles has reached out to doctors to gain insights into exam anxiety and students’ mental health. One of the doctors shared an experience involving a classmate who suffered from severe mental health issues, leading to frequent panic attacks and anxiety episodes. Eventually, the professors informed the student’s parents and the necessary help was provided. Moreover, in such circumstances, it might not be enough to share mental health issues with a friend or a colleague; at times like these, it is important to seek help from someone with much more discernment.

Relying solely on friends and colleagues may not be sufficient; seeking professional help is essential, especially considering the stress students face during exams. While some can manage, others may find it overwhelming

It is crucial to acknowledge that students often endure academic stress in pursuit of excellence, commonly known as ‘the stress for excellence.’ Academic anxiety significantly impacts students’ well-being. Creating an environment that recognizes and addresses the mental health issues students face is imperative.

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