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Heritage Hydration: 5 famous Indian Summer Elixirs

The scorching heat of summer brings the craving for cooling and nutritious drinks. The traditional summer drinks have been cherished for ages for their refreshing and rejuvenating properties. These drinks from the streets of India to every other household in the country are the cooling elixirs that have so much more to offer than just quenching the thirst.

1. Jaljeera

Jaljeera is a tangy refreshing mixture prepared by using various spices, with key ingredients including black salt, ginger, lemon, cumin, and mango powder.

The drink is popular as a street-side refreshment on a hot sunny summer day and is deeply rooted in Indian culinary practices. Jaljeera is revered in Indian festivals and is also commonly served as an appetizer.


Jaljeera has numerous health benefits.


  • It is primarily consumed by people to aid in digestion and get relief from intestinal gas and potentially in combating diseases such as scurvy.
  • Jaljeera drink boosts metabolism and its low-calorie content helps in weight management.


Jaljeera can help reduce disorders such as

  • Nausea
  • Acidity
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual cramps at a significant level.

2. Shikanji

Traditionally known as ‘sherbet-e-Shikanjavin’ got its name from the word shikanja which means a wooden tool used for extraction of lemon juice for preparing the drink.

Shikanji is popular traditional Indian summer drink, known for its cooling properties and tangy-sweet flavor. It is lemon-based drink that is prepared by mix of some traditional spices such as ginger, black salt, chat masala, etc.


Health Benefits of Shikanji


  • With the goodness of vitamin C and the bioactive compounds of ginger, shikanji helps in boosting immunity and reduces risks of infections.
  • Furthermore, it provides an instant hydration boost, energizes the body, and acts as a coolant on hot summer days.


Shikanji is an ideal summer drink as

  • It prevents electrolyte loss because of sweating.
  • Balances essential minerals such as sodium chloride.

3. Aam Panna

It is a traditional drink prepared using raw green mangoes and is consumed on hot summer days. Typically the boiled pulp of raw green mangoes is mixed with spices and natural sweeteners to make this refreshing drink. Due to the addition of spices and sour mangoes aam panna has a distinct tartness and spiced sweetness.



Health Benefits of Aam Panna 


The drink aids in

  • Improving digestion
  • Provides relief from heat-related disorders
  • Boosts immunity


It is rich in vitamins C and A potentially promoting healthy skin and vision.


  • The richness of antioxidant content reduces inflammation and potentially relieves conditions such as arthritis at some levels.

4. Sattu Drink

The superfood of Indian beverages, the Sattu drink is made from roasted gram flour and has a high nutritional value and cooling properties. The drink is exceptionally popular in the Northern regions of India such as Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.


Health Benefits of Sattu Powder Drink


  • Sattu has a high fibre content and it is significantly rich in protein.
  • Because of its glycaemic index, it is considered an ideal summer drink for diabetic patients.

The drink is highly customizable using various ingredients and sweeteners according to individual choices and preferences.  


  • Rich fiber content promotes bowel regularity and alleviates digestive disorders.
  • The presence of minerals such as potassium and magnesium benefits heart health and supports healthy levels of blood pressure.

5. Kokum Sherbet

Kokum sherbet is a cooling and revitalizing drink made from the fruit of the Garcinia Indica plant. The concoction is prepared by mixing dried kokum fruit in water with sweeteners and some traditional spices which is then diluted with soda or water to make a drink.


Health Benefits of Kokum Sherbet


Kokum is known for its hydrating properties:

  • It prevents sunstroke because the fruit contains strong antioxidant properties.

It is particularly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes and aids in the metabolism of fats.


  • Kokum supports gut microbiota and has essential anti-inflammatory properties that enhance skin health making it supple and hydrated.
  • Additionally, Kokum potentially reduces cholesterol levels and boosts immune function.  
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