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Heartfelt Loss: Dr. Nitin Pandey's Cardiac Arrest Sparks Urgent Reflection on Doctors' Health and Wellness

In a sombre turn of events, the medical community is grappling with the unexpected loss of Dr. Nitin Pandey, a highly esteemed 49-year-old professor in the Physical Medical and Rehabilitation (PMR) department at Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital. Dr. Pandey, an avid cricket enthusiast, tragically passed away in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, with a preliminary suspicion of a heart attack.

The news has sent shockwaves through SMS Medical College, where Dr. Pandey was regarded highly by colleagues and teammates alike. Dr. Rajeev Bagarhatta, the principal of SMS Medical College, expressed deep sadness over the untimely demise, citing initial information from the head of the department that suggests a heart attack as the potential cause.

This regrettable incident underscores an emerging concern within the medical community concerning the prevalence of heart attacks among doctors. In recent times, numerous incidents have been reported, depicting medical professionals either experiencing or succumbing to heart attacks.

Dr. Ajit Singh, the superintendent of RUHS Hospital, has expressed valid concerns regarding the increasing health challenges faced by doctors. Dr. Achal Sharma, the superintendent of SMS Hospital, has suggested that the demanding nature of work may contribute to the health risks faced by medical professionals.

"Many young and healthy doctors are dying of sudden heart attacks. The irony is that doctors tell their patients to get regular health checkups, but most doctors fail to follow their own advice and neglect their health.
How many of you follow your own advice?"

The untimely passing of Dr. Pandey has left a profound impact on his cricket colleagues, with teammate Dr. Satish Jain struggling to come to terms with the news. Former Rajasthan Ranji team captain Rohit Jhalani has lauded Dr. Pandey for his significant contributions to aspiring cricketers, emphasizing his expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation

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