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The tale of an eel: Surgical extraction from a man's belly

In Vietnam, a man underwent successful surgery to remove a live eel from his belly. The 34-year-old guy went to the Hai Ha District Medical Center in Quang Ninh Province after having stomach problems. After the operation that resulted in the finding of the eel, the patient recovered well with very mild pain.

The facts surrounding how the eel entered the man’s body remain unknown. Initial assessments indicate that the eel may have entered through the rectum and moved to the abdomen. Despite the nature of the case, the surgical team handled it well, with Dr. Pham Manh Hung, Head of Surgery, noting an outcome despite the possible hazards connected with such surgeries involving the rectal area.

The presence of an eel in the man’s stomach created health hazards such as peritonitis (infection of the stomach lining) and intestinal perforation. Emergency surgery was required to remove the eel and treat any tissue damage that ensued.

However, examples like these highlight the significance of medical attention and skillful surgical treatment. Medical authorities are researching this incident further to better understand the fundamental reasons and avoid future accidents.

Eels are elongated fish having snake-like bodies and are mostly non-poisonous, however, some species may be toxic. This specific scenario of an eel entering a man’s body through the rectum is quite rare and surprising.

Source: Inputs from various media Sources

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