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Study: Nuts Don't Hinder Weight Loss and Boost Outcomes

A recent study done at the University of South Australia found that incorporating nuts in a calorie-restricted diet for weight management did not hinder weight loss and may potentially contribute to favourable outcomes. The study assessed data from seven randomized controlled trials focused on energy-restricted diets and looked at weight and glycemic control improvements.

Nutritionist's Perspective

Professor Alison Coates from UniSA highlighted that the studies consistently demonstrated that including nuts in diets did not lead to weight gain. She emphasized the nutrient density of nuts and recommended their inclusion in weight-loss plans, stating that they do not negatively impact efforts to lose weight.

Impact of Nuts in Diet

The study reviewed seven trials where participants consumed 42-84 grams of nuts as part of energy-restricted diets. In four of these trials, diets enriched with nuts led to greater weight loss compared to diets without nuts. The additional weight loss achieved ranged from 1.4 to 7.4 kilograms. Nuts were found effective in reducing hunger, which researchers believe enhances weight loss outcomes when incorporated into calorie-controlled diets.

Reassurance from Researchers

Professor Coates reassured that concerns about nuts causing weight gain are unfounded based on their findings. She emphasized that nuts not only do not cause weight gain but also appear to assist in weight loss efforts.

Health Benefits and Recommendations

Dr. Sharayah Carter, the study’s co-author, highlighted nuts’ ability to help people lose weight while boosting their overall health. The study’s findings provide health experts the confidence to prescribe nuts as part of a balanced diet without worry of weight gain.


The research reflects nuts’ potential as a useful supplement to weight-loss efforts, debunking myths about their effect on weight gain and stressing their nutritional worth in achieving health goals.

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