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RML Hospital Faces CBI Probe Over Bribery Claims

Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court has ordered a five-day remand for nine individuals arrested in connection with a bribery scandal at Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital. The accused included professors and technical personnel from the cardiology department of the hospital.

Court's Decision

Special Judge Prashant Kumar, in an order dated May 8, emphasized the need for detailed interrogation at this early stage of the investigation. The court granted the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) custody to facilitate thorough questioning and gathering of information related to the case.

Accused and Charges

The accused, which include professors and assistant professors from RML’s cardiology department, face charges under “criminal conspiracy” and violations of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Also, the senior technical in-charge, a nurse, clerks from the hospital, and representatives from five private medical equipment supplier companies are involved in the case.

Allegations and Investigation

The CBI’s FIR alleges that the accused accepted bribes from patients and medical equipment suppliers. The bribes were purportedly exchanged for various favours, such as promoting equipment or facilitating its use within the hospital. The investigation also revealed demands for unfair benefits from patients for appointments and admissions.

Operational Details

The CBI operation, which began in March and resulted in recent arrests, included technical surveillance and decoyed patients. This careful methodology enabled the agency to collect significant information about the bribery network, including favoured payment methods including UPI, bank transfers, and cash.

Key Findings and Actions

The investigation uncovered specific instances of bribery transactions. For example, Dr. Parvathgouda allegedly requested bribes from medical equipment suppliers, with payments being traced through bank transactions. Similar demands were made by other accused individuals, including senior cardiologists and hospital staff.

Legal Proceedings

The accused individuals are set to appear in court again on May 14, following their five-day remand. Legal representatives are engaged on behalf of the accused as the case progresses through the judicial process.


The unfolding events at RML Hospital underscore the gravity of corruption allegations within healthcare institutions. The ongoing investigation by the CBI aims to uncover the full extent of the bribery racket and hold accountable those involved in compromising medical ethics and standards.

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