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Kerala Medical Marvel: Cockroach Extraction in 8-Hour Procedure

Explore Kerala’s medical feat: 4cm cockroach extracted from patient’s lungs. Learn about the procedure and recovery.

In a notable medical occurrence, physicians in Kerala undertook the extraction of a 4-cm-long cockroach from the lungs of a patient who was experiencing breathing difficulties. The procedure, detailed in a report by Asianet Newsable, transpired on February 22 at Amritha Hospital in Kochi.

The individual, aged 55, presented severe respiratory distress prompting a medical assessment. Led by Dr. Tinku Joseph, the Interventional Pulmonology team conducted the operation. It was noted that during the procedure, the cockroach began to disintegrate, potentially exacerbating the patient’s respiratory condition.

The removal process proved to be intricate, spanning eight hours, owing to the patient’s pre-existing respiratory complications. According to The People’s Network report, the cockroach infiltrated the patient’s lungs through a breathing tube previously inserted into his neck for medical treatment. Dr. Joseph elucidated that the patient has since made a complete recovery and has been discharged from the hospital

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