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Kerala Doctor Suspended After Major Surgical Error

A concerning incident unfolded at Government Medical College Hospital in Kerala when a four-year-old girl was taken for surgery to remove her sixth finger but ended up having an operation on her tongue instead. This unfortunate mistake was only realized when the family discovered cotton stuffed in the child’s mouth after the surgery. Upon investigation, it was confirmed that the surgery had been performed on the wrong part of her body.

The family’s shock prompted them to raise the issue, leading to action from the state government. Associate Professor Dr. Bejohn Johnson was suspended pending an inquiry, following Health Minister Veena George’s decision based on a report from the Director of Medical Education. The minister emphasized the need for a detailed investigation and further measures to be taken.

Stricter protocols have been urged by Minister George to prevent such errors in the future. Additionally, a case has been filed against Dr. Johnson by the police under sections of the Indian Penal Code related to endangering others’ safety. The family reiterated that the child had no prior issues with her tongue.

Expressing their concern, the family stated that such incidents should not recur at the Medical College Hospital. They emphasized the hospital’s responsibility in case of any adverse effects on the child due to the incorrect procedure. The hospital authorities acknowledged the mistake, attributing it to scheduling surgeries for two children on the same day.

Source: Inputs from various media Sources

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