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Heartfelt ICU Wedding: Daughters Fulfill Father's Wish

A touching moment unfolded at Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital as two daughters exchanged wedding vows in the ICU to fulfil their ailing father’s wish. The video of the ceremony has gained significant popularity on social media.

A Wedding in Unusual Circumstances

The wedding ceremonies of Darksha and Tanzila were originally scheduled for Mumbai. However, their father was admitted to the hospital with serious health issues just as the wedding dates approached. Observing his condition, doctors refused to discharge him.

Special Arrangements Made

To accommodate the father’s wish to see his daughters get married, the hospital management allowed the ceremonies to take place in the ICU. Dr. Mustahsin Malik, the ICU in-charge, stated, “At the daughters’ request, we made special arrangements inside the ICU. Curtains and a separate room were set up to allow five persons to attend the event as a humanitarian gesture.”

Father’s Condition and Family’s Decision

On June 8, Junaid, a Lucknow Chowk resident, was brought to the hospital due to a chest illness. His brother, Dr. Tariq Sabri, explained, “This was the fifth time Junaid had been on ventilator support in the last 14 months. He was supposed to fly to Mumbai for the weddings, but his condition deteriorated.” Seeing no other solution, the family approached hospital authorities, who approved the wedding ceremonies under strict conditions.


The Wedding Ceremonies

Darksha’s wedding was held on Thursday, followed by Tanzila’s on Friday. In the video, the couple can be seen dressed in hospital gowns, quietly performing their wedding rituals in the presence of their father, relatives, doctors, and hospital staff.

Emotional Moments

Darksha expressed her gratitude, saying, “Our father is our world, and we could not get married without his blessing. We are extremely thankful to the administration for allowing this. My father was conscious even while on ventilator support, and his eyes lit up with joy when the nikah was pronounced in front of him. I hope my father becomes well enough to visit Mumbai and bless us.”

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