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Electrical Fault Suspected in Deadly Delhi Hospital Fire

Delhi Fire Department Director Atul Garg suspects an electrical fault as the likely cause of the fire that tragically killed seven newborn babies at New Born Baby Care Hospital in Vivek Vihar. Speaking to the media, Garg stated, “It seems that there is no other reason behind the fire but an electric fault.” Further details will emerge following the analysis of videos and eyewitness statements as the investigation proceeds.

Tragic Incident

A devastating fire erupted at New Born Baby Care Hospital in Delhi’s Vivek Vihar on Saturday night, resulting in the deaths of seven newborn babies. The deceased infants, comprising four males and three females, were transferred to GTB Hospital for postmortem examinations.

Potential Measures to Save More Lives

Director Garg mentioned that more infants could have been saved if the hospital had a second exit or easier access points. “No one was there to guide us, and no one could provide information regarding stairs and the number of cylinders,” he said, highlighting the challenges faced during the rescue operation.

Major Lapses Identified

The Delhi Police investigation revealed several critical lapses contributing to the tragedy:


  • Invalid License: The hospital’s operating license had expired. The police found that the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the hospital expired on March 31.
  • No Emergency Exit: There was no emergency or fire exit system in the hospital.
  • Exceeding Bed Capacity: The hospital was permitted to have up to five beds but had installed more than ten beds.
  • Unqualified Doctors: Some doctors lacked the necessary qualifications to treat newborns needing Neo-Natal Intensive Care, possessing only BAMS degrees.

Arrests and Legal Action

Police arrested two individuals in connection with the fire: Dr. Naveen Khichi, owner of the hospital and Dr. Akash. They were charged under Sections 304 and 308 of the Indian Penal Code. Dr. Khichi, who operates three clinics in Delhi, and Dr. Akash, who was on duty during the incident, are both in custody.

Mandatory Fire Safety Equipment

In reaction to the tragic event, Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj stated that fire safety equipment will be required in all hospitals, regardless of size. Previously, NOCs related to fire safety were not required for nursing homes restricted to the ground or first floors. “We have decided that every hospital, whether on the ground floor, first floor, or above, must have fire safety equipment, including a water sprinkling system and automatic smoke detection,” Bhardwaj stated at a press conference.

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