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Urgent Government Directive: Ensuring Clarity in Antimicrobial Prescriptions

Physicians prescribing antimicrobial medications, encompassing antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, and antiseptics, are urgently urged by the central government to specify the precise indications. In letters to all medical colleges, Director General of Health Services (DGHS) Atul Goel underscores the importance of providing a clear rationale when prescribing these medications.

Simultaneously, pharmacists are reminded to strictly adhere to Schedule H and H1 of the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules, ensuring antibiotics are dispensed only with valid prescriptions. The government places equal emphasis on doctors, urging them to provide clear indications in their prescriptions. The DGHS extends this appeal to medical associations nationwide and separately addresses pharmacists’ associations to ensure the rigorous implementation of drug sale regulations.

Under Schedule H, certain drugs, including antibiotics, can only be sold with a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Schedule H1, which includes high-end antibiotics, mandates the maintenance of sales records for a specified period.

The DGHS states in the notice that prudent antibiotic use is essential to halt the emergence of resistance and maintain the efficacy of current treatments.

A systemic analysis reveals that drug-resistant illnesses were responsible for 4.95 million fatalities in 2019, with 1.27 million attributed to AMR. To prevent and treat diseases caused by resistant microorganisms, the government is taking proactive measures to address this pressing issue.

Source: Inputs from various media Sources

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