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emcure- pharmaceutical-launches-galact-The-Aartery-chronicles-TAC
emcure- pharmaceutical-launches-galact-The-Aartery-chronicles-TAC

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Launches Its OTC Portfolio with Galact Supplement

Emcure Pharmaceuticals is a leading MNC has introduced Galact, which potentially enhances breast milk production. Reportedly, healthcare professionals have been prescribing the product for over 20 years.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals, a known pharmaceutical company recently revealed its entry, into the over-the-counter (OTC) market by introducing its leading product, Galact. It is a supplement for lactation that has received endorsement from healthcare professionals for more than two decades and is now being launched as an OTC option.

This lactation supplement contains a combination of ingredients, such as Shatavari and six other herbs, aimed at boosting breast milk production in mothers. Shatavari, an element, not only aids in increasing milk supply but also enhances the baby’s weight gain improves sleep patterns, and strengthens immunity. Another vital ingredient, Yashtimadhu contributes to improving functions, memory retention, and focus which could potentially benefit the baby’s intelligence quotient.

The introduction of Galact signifies Emcure’s debut in the OTC arena with plans to introduce an array of products catering to aspects of women’s health. Namita Thapar, the Whole-time Director at Emcure Pharmaceuticals highlighted the company’s commitment to advancing solutions, for women’s health. Thapar expressed that “Emcure has consistently prioritized awareness, accessibility, and affordability to bolster women’s health in India. The launch of Galact showcases our dedication to redefining and enhancing the quality of women’s health solutions.”

Thapar also emphasized, “In India, 64 percent of mothers exclusively breastfeed their infants in the 6 months. Emcures decision to offer Galact without prescription is aimed at educating all mothers on the importance of breastfeeding for half a year, by WHO and UNICEF guidelines. Emcure intends to launch products under the Galact label.”


Emcure Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to raising awareness of women’s health concerns such as anemia, menstrual health, and breastfeeding. With the revamped Galact brand introduction the company aims to strengthen its breastfeeding support and encourage nutrition, for babies.

Supplements play a significant role in boosting milk production for lactating mothers however, it is also important to raise awareness of techniques for breastfeeding, and address existing or potential health issues that may affect the production of breast milk.  It is highly important to ensure that new mothers are equipped with access to healthcare professionals and lactation consultants for thorough guidance and support.

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