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Childhood Strokes: Treatable Yet Overlooked, Endangering Lives

Pediatric stroke remains a vastly under-recognized health issue, with profound implications for children’s health worldwide. Dr. Nirmal Surya, president of the Indian Stroke Association (ISA), emphasized the urgent need for awareness, urging influential figures like Amitabh Bachchan to amplify the message.

Addressing the Lack of Awareness

Dr. Surya highlighted that many are unaware that children can suffer from strokes, despite it being a preventable condition. Globally, pediatric stroke ranks as the sixth leading cause of death among children, underscoring the gravity of the issue.

Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment

In India, the situation is compounded by delayed diagnosis due to low awareness. Immediate medical attention within four and a half hours can significantly improve outcomes, yet misdiagnosis often leads to critical delays.

Neonatal Risk and Early Detection

Dr. Minal V Kekatpure, a pediatric neurologist, emphasized that pediatric stroke can occur from day one, with neonates particularly at risk. Early detection is crucial, as strokes in infants outnumber those in older children.

Parental Awareness and Misconceptions

Dr. Pratibha Singhi of the International Child Neurology Association highlighted instances where strokes in children were misattributed to other issues, such as poor handwriting, and delaying crucial treatment.

Improving Infrastructure and Awareness

Dr. Arvind Sharma stressed the need for more stroke-ready hospitals across India, noting the current shortage despite advances in pediatric stroke understanding. Collaboration with international experts aims to enhance awareness and infrastructure.


Experts agree that while India has made strides in pediatric stroke awareness, substantial gaps remain. Initiatives like the national conclave aim to bridge these gaps, ensuring timely access to treatment and support for affected children.


Raising awareness among parents, healthcare providers, and the public at large remains paramount in combating pediatric stroke. With concerted efforts and increased resources, the hope is to minimize the impact of this often-overlooked condition on children’s lives.

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