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African Swine Fever Outbreak Reported in Thrissur, Kerala

An outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF), a highly contagious and deadly disease affecting both farm-raised and feral pigs, has been reported in a farm located in Kerala’s Thrissur district. The Thrissur district collector has ordered the culling of 310 pigs at a private farm in the Madakkathara panchayat to prevent further spread of the disease.

Confirmation and Actions

The disease was confirmed in pigs owned by Kuttalapuzha Babu of Veliyanthara in the 14th ward. Following this, the district collector directed the district animal husbandry officer to proceed with culling the infected pigs and ensuring they were buried safely. A team of doctors, livestock inspectors, and attendants will carry out the culling process and begin initial disinfection measures.

Containment Measures for African Swine Fever

The area within a one-kilometre radius of the affected farm has been declared a disease-affected zone, while the area within a 10-kilometre radius has been designated as a disease surveillance zone. To contain the outbreak, the transportation of pork, the operation of pig farms, and the movement of pigs, pork, and feed to and from the affected areas have been strictly prohibited until further notice.

Preventive Steps and Investigations for African Swine Fever

Officials from the Animal Husbandry Department will investigate if pigs were transported from the affected farm to other locations in the past two months. Strict checks will be enforced at district checkposts and other entry points to prevent illegal transportation of pigs and pork from Thrissur and surrounding areas.

Precautionary Measures in Surrounding Areas

Precautionary measures will also be implemented in other areas of the district following the confirmation of ASF in Madakkathara panchayat. If the virus is detected elsewhere, municipal/government secretaries, village officers, and rural development officials are instructed to inform the relevant veterinary officer and take necessary steps to control the spread.

About African Swine Fever

Authorities emphasized that ASF affects only pigs and poses no risk of transmission to other animals or humans. The disease, distinct from other types of fever, necessitates immediate and stringent control measures to prevent devastating impacts on pig populations.

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