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Tragic Road Accident Takes Life of MBBS Student in Kurnool

A medical student, R. Tejeshwar Reddy (22), tragically lost his life in a road accident on Sunday morning. The incident occurred when an RTC bus collided with a two-wheeler on the same road. Tejeshwar, a third-year MBBS student at Kurnool Medical College, was on his way back to the hostel after finishing his morning studies.

Details of the Incident

Tejeshwar had completed his study session at the college library by 7:30 AM and was riding his Bullet motorcycle towards the hostel. As he was crossing the petrol station on the way from Nandikotkur to Kurnool, a speeding RTC bus bound for Pallevelugu from Nandikotkur collided with him from behind. The impact caused Tejeshwar to be dragged approximately 50 meters along the road.

Response and Aftermath

Local traffic police quickly arrived at the scene and rushed Tejeshwar’s body to the government hospital for postmortem. His parents were informed, and they arrived from their hometown in Rola Mandal. Tejeshwar’s mother, hoping he would become a great doctor after completing his education, was devastated upon seeing her son’s body.

Family and Community Grief


Tejeshwar, the eldest son of a couple from Pilligundla village in Satya Sai district, had a younger brother pursuing an engineering course in Bangalore.

The family had recently visited Tirumala together. The tragic loss has plunged the Pilligundla village into mourning, with relatives and friends expressing shock and sorrow.

Final Rites

In the evening, Tejeshwar was laid to rest amidst the presence of local dignitaries, political leaders, and mourners from various walks of life. The incident has left the community shaken and mourning the untimely demise of a promising young student.

"A government bus driver recklessly takes the life of a promising MBBS student who dreamed of serving the nation and lies orphaned on the road for half an hour, it reveals the stark reality of our society. Such incidents make us question: why do we study medicine? "

Source: Inputs from various media Sources 

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