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The 'water fast' has gone viral after a guy sheds 13kg in 21 days

Addis Miller from Costa Rica recently gained widespread attention for his unconventional approach to weight loss: a 21-day water fast. “Earlier this year, I started a 21-day water fast. This experience was life-changing for me, and I am excited to share some of the precious moments from my journey,” Miller shared on his YouTube channel, detailing his fasting schedule over three weeks.

In his Instagram video, Miller outlined the results of his fast. “21-day water fast (No food, or salts). I lost 13.1kg (28lbs) and dropped 6% body fat. This video shows my body fat and weight loss, but the fast was so much more than that,” he explained, emphasizing the transformation of his already lean physique.

Is Water Fasting Safe?

Dr. R.R. Dutta, Head of Internal Medicine at Paras Health in Gurugram, shared insights with HT Lifestyle on water fasting. He remarked, “Water fasting means consuming just water and no other beverages or meals over a certain period, which might range from 24 hours to many days or weeks.” Some health benefits of water fasting include detoxification, improved digestion, and enhanced mental clarity. Some studies show it may help with weight reduction and insulin sensitivity.”

Health Risks

Despite potential benefits, Dr. Dutta cautioned about the risks associated with unsupervised water fasting:


  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Extended fasting can lead to deficiencies in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, causing weakness, dizziness, or severe health issues.
  • Dehydration: While water is crucial for hydration, excessive intake without electrolyte balance can result in imbalances and dehydration.
  • Metabolic Impact: Prolonged fasting may slow down metabolism as the body conserves energy, potentially leading to rebound weight gain after fasting ends.
  • Medical Considerations: Individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or eating disorders should avoid water fasting or undertake it only under strict medical supervision.

Alternative Approaches

For those seeking safer weight loss methods, Dr. Dutta recommends intermittent fasting or medically supervised fasting programs. These alternatives offer health benefits without the extreme measures of prolonged water fasting.


While Addis Miller’s 21-day water fast showcased dramatic results, medical experts advise caution and recommend seeking safer, supervised fasting practices

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