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Incident Unfolds at Bundelkhand Medical College Raises Concerns

An unsettling incident has occurred at Sagar’s Bundelkhand Medical College, where medical students collectively reported an alleged assault by the mess in charge, Bhim Yadav. The former student is currently under investigation for creating a disturbing environment within the college, with comparisons drawn to a movie character resembling Munna Bhai

The complaint alleges that Bhim Yadav assaulted Abhay Pratap Singh Dagi, a final-year MBBS student, on Sunday night within the mess premises while reportedly under the influence of alcohol. The incident included physical assault, tearing of the trainee doctor’s attire, and purported threats with political affiliations. Following the assault, the victim sought medical attention at the district hospital and filed a formal complaint with the Gopalgunj police station

Several medical organizations associated with the college have expressed solidarity with the victim, urging the dean to take decisive action against the accused mess in charge. Bhim Yadav had faced previous allegations of fraudulent admission in the MBBS program in 2009, resulting in his expulsion after an investigation.

The students claim that this incident is not isolated, citing previous instances where Bhim Yadav allegedly assaulted medical students under the influence of alcohol. The accused has reportedly been residing in the allocated flat for MBBS doctors within the college premises for an extended period. Students are demanding the cancellation of the accused mess in-charge’s contract and restrictions on his entry without permission.

Dean Dr. R.S. Verma expressed unawareness regarding any unauthorized mess operations and the prolonged stay of an outsider in the doctors’ flats. While acknowledging Bhim Yadav’s expulsion from MBBS in 2009, the dean did not provide specific details on the recent allegations. The dean has committed to conducting a thorough inquiry, and Commissioner of Police Dr Veerendra Singh Rawat has conveyed his intentions to investigate the matter.

The incident has prompted questions about the management of the medical college and potential lapses in the supervision of senior officials over the past two years. Additionally, affected students have raised concerns about financial irregularities and mismanagement in the mess.

Source: Inputs from various media Sources

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